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Non-alcoholic craft beer
that tastes incredible

Non-alcoholic craft beer that tastes incredible

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Meet the Lineup

Carefully crafted with traditional beer-making methods, our brews are naturally low in alcohol and high in flavor.

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How Did We Get Here?

At Go Brewing, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the experience of a great beer just because you’re ready for a lower-alcohol lifestyle.

So we set out to make a craft brew that’s better for you. 🩺

Every brew in our signature lineup is handcrafted with traditional methods, just like your favorite beers.

We promise you’ll never miss the high ABV, calories, carbs, and sugar. Here’s to tipping one (or two) back tonight and feeling great tomorrow.

Cheers! 🍻

Inside the Taproom

Our Naperville, Illinois taproom is now open on weekends from Friday to Sunday. Come try one of our 5 signature brews and join us for special events happening every weekend.

fresh NA/LA beers on tap
fire-pit & covered patio
live music & events
private event ready
food trucks &/+ BYO
immersive sound & video
chill lounge areas
library book exchange

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