Salty Lime AF Chelada

Salty Lime AF Chelada
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6-pack, 12 oz cans

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What the Lime?

From beta to big time

Originally crafted as a bold experiment in our beta brew series, the Salty AF Chelada with Lime made its mark as a standout sensation, quickly ascending to become a seasonal one-batch wonder. After its debut last year, this audacious blend of perfect saltiness and vibrant lime won over the hearts of beer enthusiasts, securing its place as a much-anticipated annual release. Each limited edition batch captures the spirit of innovation and adventure that our brewery champions, offering a unique, non-alcoholic experience that is eagerly awaited and celebrated as a seasonal highlight. As the year rolls round to its special release time, fans old and new line up to savor this fleeting gem, making each sip a cherished event in the beer lover's calendar.




barley, maize


sweet, tart, salty









Water, barley, maize, hops, yeast, lime, salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Brandon Millett (Windsor, US)
Best Summer Beer

Ordered a 6 pack then noticed it said beta in it and it may not be permanent so....ordered 4 more just Incase. Not a fan of many lighter beers more of a porter and stout person and this is for sure the only summer NA I've found yet that actually has decent flavor and isn't just like golden water.

Jeremy M (Warrenville, US)
All the lime!

I really enjoy this! I also really, really love lime! That being said, I also really love a solid Mexican-style lager. The lime can be a bit overbearing straight out of the can and the lager gets lost. Once the temperature comes down a little, then I get the lager. I would love for this to stay, but more of the lager coming through would propel this to the next level! Still love it and all the lime!

Andrew R (Melrose, US)
My favorite NA beer

I’ve tried mostly all of the NA beers from Go Brewing. This one is my favorite and really hope they make it year round. I’ve been looking for alternatives from alcoholic beer and these are so good and only 55 calories.

Jayson Salter (Parrish, US)
Salty AF

Another home run. Great line and salt blend. Add a slice of jalapeño for us southern boys

Benny Hill (Milwaukee, US)
Great Summer Refresher!

Excellent choice for a summer day/evening. Salty lime has a beer margarita taste with the lime being pretty prominent. Great for days on the lake or just hanging out and need a cold one.

Second time ordering and will continue to order.