Inside the Go Brewing Taproom

Inside the Taproom

A Place for Everyone

Open three days so we make them count

Hours of Operation

Friday: 3 PM - 10 PM
Saturday: 12 PM - 10 PM
Sunday: 12 PM - 4 PM

Online Order Pickup

Available Monday-Thursday from 1 - 3pm. (Please confirm that the order is ready)

What's Going On?

Check out our current events page for the live music, food truck, and wellness workshop schedule.

Current Drafts


Burn It Down IPA < 0.5% ABV

A hoppy, citrus, and tropical IPA that's not afraid of anything.

Prophets Hazy IPA < 0.5% ABV

A smoothy and creamy hazy IPA with citrus notes. Mood follows action.

Suspended in a Sunbeam Pilsner < 0.5% ABV

Look again at this light and fresh pilsner with citrus notes.

Street Cred Stout < 0.5% ABV

Here for a reason with smooth flavors of espresso and cocoa.

Head On Witbier < 0.5% ABV

Oranges, spices, and fresh bread flavors are part of the unstoppable evolution of this brew.


99 Problems Saison < 2% ABV

This delicious brew ain't one.

The Harold Marzen < 2% ABV

Guest Beverages

Solemn Oath - Hidden Hand Psychedelic Jungle Hazy IPA 6.5% ABV

Two Fools Cider Tart Cherry 6.9% ABV

Social Sparkling Wine 4% ABV

Canned. Gluten-free.

Kombucha Brava < 0.5% ABV

Rotating on-tap. Gluten-free.

The Vibe

Our Taproom is the place to be.


Got questions? We've got answers.

Are kids allowed?
Yes, but you must be >21 years of age to consume non-alcoholic beverages.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, but outside only due to health code stuff. Please ensure they are on a leash and are well-behaved. We have some water bowls and some treats too!

Do you have food?
We do not, but we have food trucks occasionally, and you can always bring in or order food. We have a growing list of local restaurants that give our patrons a special discount. We will have snacks soon for purchase, so there’s that.

Are you open during the week?
We are currently open Friday-Sunday but are generally here during working hours brewing, packaging, and running the biz. If you need to pick up some brews during the week, give us a heads-up.

Do you have a gluten-free beer?
Not yet, but all our beers are crafted with very low gluten. We are working on a GF beer. In the meantime, our guest cider, kombucha and sparkling wine are all gluten-free.

Do you give tours?
Yes, we love giving tours. Nothing official yet, but feel free to ask our beertenders, and they will hook you up with one of our tour guides.

Does it cost to attend events?
Most events, like the run club, are free to attend. Some events have an entry fee they will be noted as such or be very clear it’s a ticketed event.

Do you have guest wifi?
Yes, see a Beertender for the password.

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