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We have a lot to offer. Here are some facts about us:

Go Brewing is one of the country's first (if not the first) breweries focusing exclusively on non-alcoholic beer and NA beverages. We also:

  • Launched the brewery in 2023 after incubating in the founder's garage for 18 months.
  • Produce all our beer in our production brewery in Naperville, IL, just outside Chicago.
  • Won a Gold and Silver Medal in the Best of Craft Beer Awards.
  • Have a taproom offering a dozen of our NA draft beers, + we have guest NA wine and alternative beverages. We have weekly programming, including fitness events, live music, cold plunging (yes, you read that right), and more.
  • Sell our beer on our website and serve the entire country (less seven states with outdated laws).
  • In 2023 alone, we sold 23k online orders.
  • Sell on Amazon and have many products that are Amazon's choice (which is something you earn, not pay for). Check it out: search "gluten-free beer" or "hazy IPA".
  • Have unique survey data on thousands of customers, including why they choose NA and how often and when they drink NA.
  • Collected Info on sober communities and how they view NA.
  • Are among the #1 ranked NA brewery in the US on Untappd.
  • Crafted more beers in one year than any other NA brewery.
  • Have an in-house laboratory where we have an advanced quality program.
  • Have a pasteurizer in-house, ensuring the safety and quality of our brews.
  • Grown our distribution footprint by over 5000% YOY.
  • Are 100% self-funded.
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