Sunshine State Tropical IPA

Sunshine State Tropical IPA
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Never Back Down

When giving up is off the table.

This critically acclaimed tropical IPA bursts with mango and peach flavor with a backdrop of hops. Perfect for getting into a sunshine state of mind and focusing on all the good in life. With this new brew in hand, discover an epic story that proved a brighter path forward was possible far beyond the morning haze.


bru-1, zamba


barley, oats


mango, peach













19 ppm




Water, barley, oats, lactose, hops, yeast, mango, peach.

Who Inspired this Beer?

Sara Fix has raised three children, run a small business, and handled many ups and downs in her life —and, on the side (for fun), completed 28 Ironman races all over the globe. In 2015 and 2016, she placed 7th at the Ironman World Championships in Kona and has since carried an All-American Top 10 ranking.

In 2021, everything changed.

Sara was competing in the Ironman in Augusta, Georgia, and during the swim portion, she felt extremely winded. Every arm stroke became more challenging than the last, and she felt herself fading. A medic pulled her out of the water, and consequently, she did not finish the race. Fast forward a few weeks later, after not feeling right still, Sara went to the Doctor, where she had some tests completed.

In complete shock and disbelief, Sara was informed she would need immediate surgery as her Doctors discovered stage three cancer. Her training days, simply put, were done. After 12 hours of surgery, months of chemo, and other treatments, Sara became increasingly depressed.

Until a phone call with an old friend where they spoke about life, mindset, and happiness.

Sara said screw it and decided that “sick” was a state of mind and would not be labeled or told she couldn’t compete.

She explained to us, “I just flipped a switch in my brain and started to focus on what was in my control.”

That spark then led her back into training, and in late 2022, Sara completed and placed in the Florida Ironman while still battling cancer.

And since it was her state of mind in the Sunshine where she said no to the status quo and refused to be labeled, and dominated the race, we just had to name one of our most popular beers after her.

Our Tropical IPA, aptly named “Sunshine State” is a testament to the badassery of Sara, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Erika N (Satellite Beach, US)

By far the best NA beer on the market! We live in Florida and buy this one on the regular because of how refreshing and flavorful it is.


I love the smooth rich tropical flavor. This is quite yummy. Not as good as the sours, but still highly enjoyable.

Mike from Arizona (South San Francisco, US)
Sunshine State IPA Discovered

I tried Sunshine State IPA at two restaurants in Naperville and loved it and had to order so I could drink it back in Arizona. I will be trying some of your other flavors soon.

Mike Frydrych (Cumberland, US)

Hands down one of the best IPA's I've ever had, easily drinkable and very refreshing will be purchasing this over and over again, I hope it stays on the regular rotation. Highly recommend trying this to anyone and everyone!!!!

Justin B (Washington, US)

Undoubtedly a very tasty NA beer. However, I would not have ordered had I known it contained so much lactose. It is not obvious on the website. You have to click the ingredients tab. In my experience, if a beer contains lactose, that fact is prominently displayed on the website and label OR the beer is referred to as a milkshake IPA to at least tip you off. Recommend they make this more clear. My mouth enjoyed these, but my bowels did not. Fun fact: Around 50% of Americans have some lactose malabsorption.