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Head On American Wheat

Head On American Wheat
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Forever Evolving

The journey is always about more than reaching the top.

Your resilience makes you unstoppable. This American wheat-style brew is a toast to the complexity of a new challenge and to remind you it’s not about the destination - it’s about the journey.


american noble citra


barley, wheat


orange, spice, fresh bread











Water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast, orange peel.

Who Inspired This Beer?

Unstoppable evolution.

Amy Purdy was just finding her footing in the world at 19 and was entering adulthood one step at a time on her terms.   When Amy decided to become a massage therapist, she did so to afford her freedom and flexibility to enjoy everything life offered.  However, life had a different plan for Amy, and her carefree life came to an abrupt halt when she was suddenly struck with a sickness that would give her a 2% chance of living. But Amy is a fighter, and despite the odds, she survived and has thrived ever since.  Diagnosed with Meningococcal Meningitis, Amy not only lost her spleen and kidney but both of her legs were amputated below the knee. 

However, this did not slow Amy down. Her desire to make the most of her life has driven her beyond her previous dreams.  Amy Purdy has become the most decorated Paralympic snowboarder in U.S. history, danced her way to 2nd Place on the hit ABC show Dancing with the Stars, and shares her story and motivation for life with millions of people from around the world.

While Amy prefers the slopes, when life threw her a curveball, she hit it head-on.

Customer Reviews

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This One Deserves More Reviews!

The Head-on American Wheat is easily one of our favorites. Low-calorie, easy-drinking and a nice smooth finish. If you love wheat-based beers, this one is a great NA substitute. Throw an orange slice in it, and it's a great summer brew!

Not A Fan Of Citrusy Beers But...

This one is really nice, I enjoyed all the flavors it offered. Other citrusy beers I've tried were overly bitter or sour. I absolutely hate grapefruit with a passion but this was a nice change of pace. You get to taste the wheat and orange peel and they compliment each other well. It's smooth, flavorful and not bitter. It has just the right amount of each flavor to not make anything seem overpowering. My expectations were extremely low because I typically don't like citrus in beer but head on American wheat really impressed me. This is a great brew if not the best of it's kind. If I enjoyed it then I'm sure you will too.

Shawn McConnell

Even wife liked this. Great alternative to other non-alc beers and has less carbs.

Super smooth

This is my 2nd favorite! Really smooth and mild. Another comment compared it to Allegash White and I'd say that's dead on. Pairs well with a lot since the flavor and hopps aren't overwhelming.

Clint B.
Think Allagash White (or Blue Moon + Orange), but alcohol-free.

You can definitely taste that orange spice and zest. Think Allagash White (or Blue Moon + orange), but alcohol-free.