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  • Mix four 6-packs monthly
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  • First access to new beers
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  • 10% store discount on portal
  • Cancel or postpone anytime
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  • Wanna switch up your brews? 🍺
    Easy peasy. Each month, keep an eye on your inbox for our email. Click through to your customer portal and mix up your beer lineup as you please. Bonus: Tack on any extras and they'll ride along with your free shipping!

  • Minimum Monthly Commitment? Nah, We're Chill! 🍻 
    Don't sweat it; we're all about flexibility. Skip a month, hit pause, or bounce whenever you want. No strings attached!

  • What's the Vault? 
    If you're part of our VIP tier, welcome to your exclusive perk—the Vault. Located in a special corner of our brewery, the Vault is where we keep your favorite beers safe and sound. We make sure to never run out of staples and always have new brews ready just for you, our VIPs. Cheers! 🍻

  • What's up with the new shipping speed? 🚚
    Heads up, Believers and VIPs! We've teamed up with FedEx to bring you 2-Day Shipping. Because waiting for good beer is like waiting for summer—ain't nobody got time for that!

  • How are the savings calculated? 
    Shipping beverages is usually a wallet-buster, but we're flipping the script. Instead of passing the cost onto you, we absorb it in hopes to get you to stay a club member for a long while. So when you see those savings, that's us covering the shipping so you can focus on what matters—enjoying great beer.💰

  • How do I get free shipping off cycle ?  
    Ensure you checkout with the same email you signed up with and enter the code beerclubmember. Please note you will NOT be able to gain access your Member Vault via the public checkout. To add member only beer to your order please login here.