Lagunitas ipna vs. Go Brewing So what's the difference?

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Here are the basic differences

Lagunitas IPNA


‣ <.5% A.B.V
‣ Released in 2020
‣ One NA Style
‣ Proprietary brewing process

Go Brewing NA Beer

Highlights 🥇🥈

‣ Best of Craft Beer Awards
‣ Gold & Silver Medal Winner
‣ Craft Non-alcoholic < .5% A.B.V.
‣ Dedicated to N.A. Beer only
‣ Full variety of styles
‣ Classic ingredients, small batch
‣ Crafted without Gluten N.A. style
‣ Crafted and canned in our brewery
200+ reviews 4.91 rating

More Variety. More Flavor.

Don't Get Bored

New styles added monthly.

We will always have new, fresh, non-alchoholic craft brews.

craft non-alcoholic brews

Made with classic ingredients.

All our brews are small batch and use classic ingredients. Proudly made in Illinois only non-alcoholic brewery. We use a propietary methodology to preserve the taste of the beer style you expect.

GO's mission is to produce the best craft non-alcoholic beers on the planet. We only brew no and low alcohol beers and have been focused on that path since day one. Please check out our current styles here.

Based on 876 reviews
My favorite Go Beer So Far

Love this beer and it will be a mainstay in my fridge for the foreseeable future.

Great IPA

The fruit in this seems like it will be too much, but this beer is a fantastic IPA with a solid hop flavor.

BC - Prophets Hazy IPA
Volker Jaeckel
The Best.

Have almost tried every flavor, but this hits it out of the park for me. Live. Runs down the throat at ease and taste wonderful. Best one!!

Best NA sour ever!

I have been looking for a good NA sour and was so happy to find Go Brewing. I ordered both flavors and love them both!

Burn It Down IPA
Don't Doubt It

Don't doubt it, I did. The price point was a concern but worth every drop! A great NA IPA, I didn't think I could enjoy a cold beer without alcohol. Go Brewing proved me wrong. It's great to sit back and enjoy a beer without the buzz and lazy feeling that comes with many good IPA's. I wanted to change some things about my lifestyle without giving up my love for craft beer. Thank you Go Brewing.


Juicy, tasty, and refreshing.

I love this stuff!

I was never a fan of sours when I drank beer but this was recommended to me by the bartender when we stopped in one day to try the place out. I told her that I still do drink seltzers so she thought I might like this. She was right! Just the right amount of sour but tons of flavor. I now reach for these instead of anything else. Can't recommend them enough.

Full Bodied Flavor

I have always been a fan of a good double, nothing better than savoring a nice cold one on a warm day, and the malty sweetness paired with the hops gives this such a nice flavor with a unique finish. I will be ordering more for sure.

Good NA Fruit Beer

I like this beer , not as much as the Grapefruit . Back off a little on the lactose. A little too light on the carbonation.

New School Sour Guava
Melanie Young
Should be available to VIP subscribers

Good stuff. But I can't order it as a VIP subscriber. Happily, I do prefer the Berry


Not everyone can take Ashwanganda. Super tasty though

Great service

We have an automatic delivery. Great service and Jim likes the beer.
Also not many gluten free beer that is alcohol free.

Prophets Hazy IPA
Dennis Perez
A little too fruity

This hazy is too fruity and thick tasting for me. It doesn’t have enough hoppiness for an IPA.

Burn It Down IPA
Dennis Perez
Nice IPA

Nice crisp IPA. Good hoppy taste.

Not exactly beer

Tried several options, don’t taste exactly like beer but they do have some malt and hop flavors. Interesting alternative to get similar flavors.


Excellent tasting IPA and so smooth.

Jab Jab Grapefruit IPA
Jon Brumfield
Amazing Beer

My favorite style of beer are the New England IPA’s and it’s so nice to not sacrifice quality by choosing a non-alcoholic brand. I love these beers and highly recommend trying them.

Refreshing, great flavor

Recently placed my 2nd order of the Freedom Pale, after getting hooked on the Calu Pale. It’s bice to have some variety!

Still waiting on a GF IPA!

Just what I’d hoped

Had a few great gf amber ales last year and grabbed a 6-pack of these the day they came out. They do not disappoint! Easily on par with the others I had and without the after effects. Will buy again! Makes me excited to try any other gf brews Go might come up with

Best sour ever!

Please make this a permanent part of the lineup!!!!

Great option

Love this N/A fruity IPA. Far and above the competition !

A delicious and healthy alternative

Great brew! One of my favorites. Second time ordering. Love that it’s low in calories, has a great taste and the health benefits of the added ingredients make me feel good about buying these.

Solid Brew

Excellent IPA without the typical overpowering sweetness of a Double. I'm ordering more of this!

Burn It Down IPA
Jessica Wesolowski
Once again, am I missing something?

Ordered a few 6-packs of different N/A IPAs from Go Brewing. This was pretty horrible.

Am I Missing Something??

Not sure why this beer has 5 stars. This is the second worst N/A IPA I've ever had.