Freedom: Crafted without Gluten

Freedom: Crafted without Gluten
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It's Your World

Break free.

This California-style pale brew is crafted without gluten for those that want to break free. Those who look at circumstance not as a hindrance, but as a welcomed challenge. For it’s the moments of freedom that we use to carve our paths and destiny into the world.


galaxy, sultana


millet, buckwheat, oats


caramel, citrus, floral









Water, millet, buckwheat, oats, hops, yeast.

Crafted Without Gluten

How did we do it?

Choosing suitable grains - The first step is creating a recipe, and we found that millet, buckwheat, and oats would give us the right flavor, color, and mouthfeel. We sourced these from facilities like Grouse Malt House, which specializes in gluten-free ingredients.

We make all of our beers, except this one, with barley which is the gluten component, and since gluten is in our facility, we are not calling this beer gluten-free. However, we took many precautions to consider gluten sensitivities, including extra deep cleaning in our brewery.

Although our fermentation tanks, packaging line, and all other equipment the beer touches is rigorously cleaned and inspected after each beer, the brewhouse typically receives less attention. In this case, we made sure every inch of those tanks was spotless, including removing the lauter screens to scrub each one and ensure no piece of grain was left behind.

Finally, when we transferred the finished beer into the brite tank for packaging, we added a product called Clarex. Because it contains an enzyme that breaks down gluten, it is often used by breweries that can claim that their beer is gluten-reduced. We decided to add it to our beer, which was made without gluten, just to be sure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Donald Klingensmith (Toccoa, US)
A great gluten free beer

I ordered this beer in hope of finding a good gluten free beer. It surpassed my expectations. So much so that I joined the club so that I could have a steady supply.

Sherri Naeve (Clinton, US)
Great service

We have an automatic delivery. Great service and Jim likes the beer.
Also not many gluten free beer that is alcohol free.

Rod (Citrus Heights, US)
Another great drink

It's added to my list of go to, Go Brewing drinks!