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Prophets Hazy IPA
Greg Werntz (Hayward, US)
Excellent IPA

I’ve been sober for almost 2 years and this is one the best NA IPAs I have had. Fruit notes are subtle and don’t over power crisp hops. Will be purchasing again and again!

Freedom: Crafted without Gluten
David Moerlein (Cincinnati, US)
Shockingly really good!

I've had Celiac for 15 years and cut alcohol for 5 months of Ironman training. I bought this with very low expectations, since it's hard enough to make a good gluten free beer, so I assumed the addition of non alcoholic would possibly make it undrinkable. But I was pleasantly really surprised. I plan to buy several more 6 packs soon!

12 days of Christmas Limited Bundle
Wade Farrar (Ogden, US)
12 Beers of Awesome

Love this! You all make an amazing DIPA. Please expand on that. Even more hops please! Love the sours! (With some tweaking you could make NA champagne!) This was super fun! The only beer I didn’t like was the tropical IPA…tasted like children’s Tylenol. But not enough to pull the rating to 4 stars. Honestly, I gave up alcohol this year and I tried/searched for all the NA beers that replaced the post apres ski beer or climbing tailgate beer. These are my favorite! Hopefully you will go heavier on the DIPA and maybe add a hint of pine on the IPA. The dark beers still need effort for perfect matching but they are incredible considering you aren’t pulling off fermentation to alcohol. Fantastic work and excited for the year to come! You are my go to and let me know if you ever need GO Brewing Ambassadors! That’s how much I love your product! Keep up the good work and seriously, Thank you for making quitting effortless!

Prophets Hazy IPA
Tim (Lyndhurst, US)
Craft Beer Enthusiast

As someone who's been into the craft Beer scene for a long time, and who's tried a bunch of the non alcoholic beers, I can say that this is one of the best I've had. Athletic brewing isn't as good and that used to be my go to. This actually feels like an IPA and is really easy to drink.

Sunshine State Tropical IPA
Erika N (Satellite Beach, US)

By far the best NA beer on the market! We live in Florida and buy this one on the regular because of how refreshing and flavorful it is.

Not Just Another Story Double IPA
John and Pat Gove (Rochester, US)
The Best N/A Available

My husband was a big IPA drinker until he got cancer. He was then told, no more. So he has been trying a lot of N/A and not really liking them, until I saw an advertisement for Go Brewings double IPA. He loves it!! So much so that he is trying to get the local stores up here in Maine to carry it! Give it a try....it's great!!

New go to

gobrewing is my new absolute favorite. there are a bunch of Brewers making good beverages, but go brewing is next level. IPAs are amazing.

Absolute Gas (My nephew says this, do I sound hip)

This slaps so hard. Tastes like a really good Pils. It makes it so much easier for me to stay sober when there are NA beers like this in the world.

Freedom Amber No Gluten + Adaptogens
LISA (Salt Lake City, US)

I was excited to try out Go Brewing for those post workout refreshments. Unfortunately for my palate it has a “metallic” taste. But others should judge for themselves..

Hi Lisa, it's likely the Ashwaghanda. If you're looking for gluten free our Freedom Cali does not have the Ashwaghanda.

Street Cred After Hours Porter
Douglas Petsinger (Louisville, US)
Good dark

It’s lost its punch with the new formulation without N2. Before you were comparable to Descutes Black Butte and now you are a mellow dark beer

Burn It Down IPA
Don't Doubt It

Don't doubt it, I did. The price point was a concern but worth every drop! A great NA IPA, I didn't think I could enjoy a cold beer without alcohol. Go Brewing proved me wrong. It's great to sit back and enjoy a beer without the buzz and lazy feeling that comes with many good IPA's. I wanted to change some things about my lifestyle without giving up my love for craft beer. Thank you Go Brewing.

Freedom: Crafted without Gluten
Clint B. (Chicago, US)
Best Pale Ale I’ve Had (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

I love Pale Ales - this is indeed the best Pale Ale I’ve had (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Such great flavor (and no gluten!?). When this tasty brew hits your lips, it's like listening to Eric Church's "Springsteen" for the first time (can art matches his scarf from the music video too). Like the description says, break free - and break one of these open.

Not Just Another Story Double IPA
Morgan R (Philadelphia, US)
The best I’ve had

I’m celebrating 6 months sober and it’s easy because of great beers like this. I never thought I’d get to still enjoy beer this much when I started this journey. Thank you, Go Brewing. And I absolutely love the can design!

Not Just Another Story Double IPA
Anonymous (Campbell, US)
Complex and Interesting DIPA

This one is a super unique and delicious DIPA. It has a lot of complexity and as such, I feel like the first half of each beer is spent tasting the various undertones of hoppiness and the careful crafting that has clearly been put into this brew. Definitely would recommend!

Not Just Another Story Double IPA
Charlesgon Charlesgon (Chicago, US)
On par with Athletic Brewing (which is a compliment)

Excellent NA Double IPA from a local brewery. Love that NA beers taste like actual beer nowadays. This is really good beer.

Street Cred After Hours Porter
David McGill (Colorado Springs, US)
Flavor is so so

Not as much flavor for a porter as I was expecting. Not bad, but seems more like a brown ale.

Burn It Down IPA
Jimswms (Ferndale, US)
I really want to love NA beer but

They all seem to have a serious off flavor on the back end I just can't get around. Unfermented wort? I don't know what it is,and I don't like it. This is no different. Yuck.
I'll keep trying different options as I see them, but so far 0% Guinness is the only one I've tasted j don't pick it up.

New School Sour Pineapple
Jessica (Brainerd, US)
Nailed It!!! 5 stars for the Sour and Customer Service

If only more places produced and sold such awesome NA sours all year round AND had the customer service philosophy that GO BREWING has..... The only company I have found that has an out of this world customer service is chewy.com. Seriously, dealing with real humans that really do care about their customers. I will be a customer for life! Thank you!!!!

New School Sour Guava
Jessica (Brainerd, US)
Amazing Flavor, Refreshing and BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE

Of the sours, this is my favorite so far....but it is a close competition between the 3 available at this time. So good, it is on my packing list for an upcoming trip out of state. You know it is good when you are making room in your checked luggage for your NA sours from Go Brewing!!!

Suspended In A Sunbeam Pils
Davey P (Berkeley, US)
a taste of sunshine

If, as Zen Master Thich Nhat Hang spoke of, when we eat or drink we 'interare' with all that when into what we consume, then I felt I was laying in a field of tall grass, dragonflies and grasshoppers, breeze and sunshine when I quaffed your Sunbeam Pils. Thanks for the spiritual experience!

Not Just Another Story Double IPA
Eric Chambers (Rancho Cordova, US)
Amazing Ipa, amazing brews, non of the regret.

10/10 no joke the best non alcoholic Ipa I have ever had. Glad I came across GO brewing on a trip to Chicago. This Cali boy is hooked! GO brewing hands down has the best tasting selection of NA beers you could possibly find. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Premium Hop Infused Water
Gary Ragonese (Parma, US)
So refreshing!

Great refreshing sparkling hop and citrus flavored alcohol free water! For me, I'd like a slightly sweet option with an organic no calorie natural sweetener like Stevia or Monk fruit.

New School Sour Berry
Matt Jelnicky (Concord, US)
Go Brewery…. My go to

As I have reduced my alcohol consumption but NOT my love of craft beer with various flavors, GO has filled that void. The Sours, the Wheat etc…. Great job they do!!!!! Matt J. Charlotte NC.

Street Cred After Hours Porter
Margaret L. (Aurora, US)

This porter is sooo full of flavor, you don't miss the alcohol, especially after having a couple and waking up with no aftereffects!

Beer is excellent. Tastes better than some of the alcohol based beers. Best customer service I’ve received in years from any company. Super responsive and always makes the customer happy.