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I really wanted to like it

Unfortunately, after 4 beers (in a 2 week period) and really want to like it, I cannot get over the sour aftertaste :(

Burn It Down IPA
Michael Bowden

Very good flavor and bite for a NA Beer.

My favorite, by far!

I swear, you will never know you’re drinking an NA beer. It fulfills everything that we look for in a great beer! Flavor. Flavor. Flavor. It’s enjoyable to drink. I’ll be ordering more!

M ocean flavor

I bought this more for my wife. I had one last night and loved it . Nice back yard beer.


Finally a full flavor beer that I can drink. Can’t tell you how yummy this is. Just tray it and see. You can taste the grapefruit. Fantastic. So refreshing and I can still drive my kids home from the party.

Not My Jam

I'm glad they're experimenting with different styles, but I didn't care for this one. Sour and bland.

Burn It Down IPA
Rachel Plummer
A little bit burnt

The first couple drinks seemed to have a refreshing citrusy taste but as I kept drinking it was more like a burned citrus peel. Not saying I won't try it again, but that's my first impression. Looking forward to trying more of your brews.

Bright and tasty

This drink profile wasn't anything I would have touched in the past. I am a solid IPA high ibu guy. This drink absolutely blew my mind! I loved it...for what it is. Very happy to drink more of them...on occasion 😀

Amazing DIPA

I never knew a NA DIPA could exist, but wow, this blew away my expectations. Best NA I've ever had, no question. I really hope it comes back soon!

So good!!!

This HAS to be my favorite of all four that I’ve tried. It tricks my brain into thinking I’m actually drinking and it fits into the ‘social’ part of having a ‘brewski’. Lol give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. 🍺

Damn Good Oktoberfest
Douglas cowan
Appropriately named beer

It is damn good! Nice caramel flavors. Put your hoodie on and sit around the campfire, Glad I got some while I could.

Great brew

I love this brew. Great flavor and goes down nice.

Damn good

I bought this a while ago and had a can tonight. This brew kicks butt. Just a great flavor. Just love it.

Burn It Down IPA
My Favorite

This is the best of the bunch so far. Can't wait to get some of the double IPA.

Prophets Hazy IPA
Good NA Beer.

Keep up the good work.

Damn Good Oktoberfest
Douglas Petsinger
Good stand alone and a good mix

This is an excellent Octoberfest NA as a stand alone drink or as a mix like the ones pictured. If I had the Street Creds Stout I would have mixed with your Hazy IPA, the Octoberfest and Athletic Dark for a Hoppy Hazy Black and Tan

Burn It Down IPA
Jeffrey Kopsky
Awesome IPA Great flavor

Best IPA around that is N/A very enjoyable without the hangover. Thank You making great Craft Beer for better health. Cheers.

Damn good!

The Oktoberfest is damn good and that is obvious by the fact that I am writing this review rather than ordering more. It’s all sold out!!

Electrolyte Water H20+
Craig Cumpton
New Fridge Staple

No glitz, no glamour, just a wicked can full of hydration!

wish this was carried at stores on the East Coast

Love this. The best Gluten Free NA beer. I only wish they made more GF choices

Burn It Down IPA
Lynn Furtado

Great NA IPA’s very impressive tasting!!

Prophets Hazy IPA
Lynn Furtado

Awesome Hazy IPA. I’m loving these NA Beers!!

Damn good is right

Had this a day before going to a pre-oktoberfest event with many real German beers on tap. This rated right up there with them in flavor, smooth and a little malty. Would buy more if it was available. Good brew

Tropical Sunshine IPA

I love the Tropical IPA because it’s delicious and the body is very similar to a hazy IPA. I love it during the week or mixed in on the weekends.

Light and Crisp

This beer tastes good even to people who try locally don’t like beer. I know because I had my family try it. It’s light and crisp and just gets better as you sip. Definitely recommend nice and properly cold.