Pouring a fresh Go brew


Just Brewed
Sunshine State Tropical IPA
Prophets Hazy IPA

Prophets Hazy IPA

smooth, creamy, fruity
Jab Jab Grapefruit IPA

Jab Jab Grapefruit IPA

tart, hoppy, grapefruit
Burn It Down IPA

Burn It Down IPA

tropical, citrus, hoppy
Just brewed
Not Just Another Story Double IPA

Not Just Another Story Double IPA

grapefruit, papaya, big malty sweetness
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Grapefruit Pale Ale
Bradford Hanson
Crisp & Refreshing

This is one of the best grapefruit IPAs I've had! What makes it even more delightful is the fact that it's NA!

Great flavor

This beer has a surprisingly full body flavor, similar to an IPA. There is no strange aftertaste like some non-alcoholic beers have. It's gluten-free and delicious!

Burn It Down IPA
Scott Ross
The best take on a West Coast NIPA out there!

This beer has a rich flavor and a bit more character than other popular IPAs like the ones from Partake and Athletic. Burn it Down is a truly great NA beer that stands out.

My favorite Go Brew

I love this beer. It has great real beer taste. Similar to the Sam Adam’s hazy IPA but without the carbs and calories.

Summer brew

This is a great fruity beer that makes me think of summer cookouts and beach days.

Burn It Down IPA
Sandy McDonald
Burn it down ipa

I really liked this IPA, but the double IPA is my favorite!

Prophets Hazy IPA
Sandy McDonald
Hazy IPA

Very good! I just like the double IPA the best!


This might be the best NA double IPA I've had.

Grapefruit Pale Ale
Michael Schneiter
Super Tasty and Refreshing

This beer is super tasty and really refreshing! Love it!

My new favorite!

If you are on the edge of trusting a NA beer then jump in! Happy and malty without being overly bitter. This isn't a beer that is trying too hard its a delicious beer that you will enjoy. Look at the picture, I uploaded. That is not a weak beer, its one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Oasis for Gluten Free Non-Drinker!

Crisp, delicious, great for a day on the lake!

This is a first in class gluten free NA alternative!!

Best IPA!

I was so happy with this one, just the right amount of hop, that was light and refreshing, will definitely order again 😊

Awesome Sour!!

I was pleasantly surprised with this one, just the perfect amount of sour, I loved it!

Love it

I absolutely love this one, I keep ordering more! It’s like a sour less sweet version of a nice apple cider.

Burn It Down IPA
Michael Matusiak
My GO to beer

I have several of the go brewing beers in my refrigerator.. Each time I decide to partake I always reach for burn it down IPA. True taste refreshing and delicious.

Great job team! I think this is your best offering yet!!!

Off flavors?

This one tastes kind of buttery? I don't get any grapefruit flavor either. Almost makes me think this is the wrong beer in the can.

Tropical IPA

Tropical IPA is one of the best NAs ever. Goes down very smooth, with a sweet citrus taste.

As good as advertised!

Nice for high quality NA that is not an IPA. Very refreshing!

Prophets Hazy IPA
David Weiss
Did not receive shipment

I did not receive this shipment

Great stuff

Go brewing has done a great job with this hazy. Looking forward to trying the others that I ordered.


I’ve tried around 10 different craft N/A IPAs. First sip of Another Story I was hooked. Just ordered another case ten minutes ago.

Amazing Sour

What a wonderful surprise. I absolutely love this sour. I could never really enjoy sours with alcohol as I generally wanted something more crushable. But now being alcohol free this sour was superb and hit the spot. So glad I tried it. Can’t wait to try more from my go to NA brewery Go Brewing.

One of the best NAs I have had

Great taste, nothing missing but the alcohol. Will be keeping as a got to beer

Hen's Teeth

Finding an NA beer that is gluten free is like searching for hen's teeth. Luckily, I came across Go Brewing and Freedom Cali Pale. I get a great tasting beer with no alcohol or gluten. Being diagnosed with celiac ruled out most beer for me, but when I also stopped drinking alcohol I was in a panic trying to find a good beer that I could enjoy. There is something about the taste of beer that quenches my thirst better than anything else. Freedom Cali Pale is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much, Go Brewing, for creating this excellent beer for a very unique customer base.