Wellbeing vs. Go Brewing So what's the difference?

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Here are the basic differences



‣ <.5% A.B.V
‣ Developed in 2017
‣ Limited varieties
‣ Alcohol processed out

Go Brewing NA Beer

Highlights 🥇🥈

‣ Best of Craft Beer Awards
‣ Gold & Silver Medal Winner
‣ Craft Non-alcoholic < .5% A.B.V.
‣ Dedicated to N.A. Beer only
‣ Full variety of styles
‣ Classic ingredients, small batch
‣ Crafted without Gluten N.A. style
‣ Crafted and canned in our brewery
200+ reviews 4.91 rating

More Variety. More Flavor.

Don't Get Bored

New styles added monthly.

We will always have new, fresh, non-alchoholic craft brews.

craft non-alcoholic brews

Made with classic ingredients.

All our brews are small batch and use classic ingredients. Proudly made in Illinois only non-alcoholic brewery. We use a propietary methodology to preserve the taste of the beer style you expect.

GO's mission is to produce the best craft non-alcoholic beers on the planet. We only brew no and low alcohol beers and have been focused on that path since day one. Please check out our current styles here.

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Savage Lite Brew
Jacquie Hammer
Awesome Lite Beer

Happy I tried it! Skeptical of some NA beers but this one hits the spot and tastes great! Will definitely buy again!

Good dark

It’s lost its punch with the new formulation without N2. Before you were comparable to Descutes Black Butte and now you are a mellow dark beer

Burn It Down IPA
Russell Petran
Too watery

Too watery

Prophets Hazy IPA
Fleming Rodriguez
best ipa from go

prophets ipa is very nice. this is an ez drinking and flavorful ipa. i highly recommend it.

Love this one

Haven't had an N/A sour beer that I've liked until now. Not too sour and truly delicious. Still tastes like beer on the finish, not juice. Yum.

Best N.A. Period.

This is the best non alcoholic beer I've had without question.

New School Sour Berry
Finally found it!

Have been on the search for a NA sour beer that actually tastes like a sour beer… This is it! Crisp and light, perfect for the AZ summers. Can sip it all day long without the obvious standard sour beer negatives. If you are looking for a great non-alcoholic sour beer that actually hits like a beer, your search is over.

Shipping unfortunately was less than stellar. Order was delayed for a busted shipment then when I finally did receive them, one of the cans was empty. Can’t knock the beer but hopeful that Go can get the shipping figured out.

Nice for a gluten free NA

Love the l flavor, my favorite of all so far

Almost like real thing

Nice flavors. Good all around NA

Not great

I have loved pretty much every beer Go has made, but this one missed the mark for me. Tastes like unfermented wort, except with weird off flavors. Can’t all be winners, hope they nail another GF brew in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your honest feedback and are sorry to hear that our Freedom Amber No Gluten + Adaptogens didn't meet your expectations. We understand that our use of Ashwagandha can be polarizing for some taste buds. We hope you'll give it another try in the future and we'll strive to nail another GF brew that you'll love. Thanks for trying!

Best NA beer I’ve tasted.

Great tasting beer.

Sock it to me Sour

Here we have a very refreshing sour with berry flavors that is justifiably a winner. When I think of a sour beer, I want something that has the tartness, yet is not overpowering where you get punched in the mouth and end up with lockjaw. New School fits my criteria to a T. Deliciousness all around. Cheers!

Best sour yet!

Just the right amount of sour in this one! Love the refreshing taste that has just the perfect bite.

Great beer!

I really enjoyed this beer. I’m new to nonalcoholic beers and I was skeptical, but this one is really great and the story behind it is very inspiring.

New school sour is actually pretty good

Wasn’t sure what to expect with a sour type brew, but this one was actually very good but hence of blackberry, I really enjoyed it

Salty Lime AF Chelada
Steph Carlquist
Amazingly refreshing!

So tasty and great on a hot day. I’ll have some more when I’m pulling weeds this weekend.


I can’t believe this sold out as soon as I fell in love with it! (Actually I can.) This NA chelada is heaven and I hope they get it back in stock in time for it to be my new summer water 😍

Not my favorite

Just tasted too medicinal. Appreciate any new GF flavors and really like the idea but it didn't work for me

It's likely the adaptogens. Thanks for your feedback!

The best NA beer out there. I'm sad they only do limited batches - so get yours before they run out!

I am in love with this!! This and the berry one are wonderful! Got my first order delivered on Saturday and placed the 2nd one the next day. Pretty disappointed this one is limited edition, but plan to place another order as soon as the last one gets delivered so I can try the guava before ordering again.

Love love love this!! This and the pineapple are amazing! Got my first order delivered on Saturday and placed the 2nd one the next day. Pretty disappointed that the pineapple one is limited edition, but plan to place another order as soon as the last one gets delivered so I can try the guava before ordering again.

I love the smooth rich tropical flavor. This is quite yummy. Not as good as the sours, but still highly enjoyable.

I don't even usually like regular beer. But this stuff is fantastic.