Brewdog vs. Go Brewing So what's the difference?

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Here are the basic differences



‣ Based out of the U.K.
‣ Brew mostly alcohol beers
‣ Wide variety of NA styles
‣ Uses microfermentation
‣ < .5% A.B.V.

Go Brewing NA Beer

Highlights 🥇🥈

‣ Best of Craft Beer Awards
‣ Gold & Silver Medal Winner
‣ Craft Non-alcoholic < .5% A.B.V.
‣ Dedicated to N.A. Beer only
‣ Full variety of styles
‣ Classic ingredients, small batch
‣ Crafted without Gluten N.A. style
‣ Crafted and canned in our brewery
200+ reviews 4.91 rating

More Variety. More Flavor.

Don't Get Bored

New styles added monthly.

We will always have new, fresh, non-alchoholic craft brews.

craft non-alcoholic brews

Made with classic ingredients.

All our brews are small batch and use classic ingredients. Proudly made in Illinois only non-alcoholic brewery. We use a propietary methodology to preserve the taste of the beer style you expect.

GO's mission is to produce the best craft non-alcoholic beers on the planet. We only brew no and low alcohol beers and have been focused on that path since day one. Please check out our current styles here.

Based on 320 reviews
Cerveza Chelada
John Brooks
Great summer beer

Love this beer! Reminds me of a Corona with a lime, but better! Had this with salty chips and tacos, perfect combo.

Freedom Cali Pale
Devon Guinn
Refreshing and delightful

Can’t wait for it to be back! Fingers crossed it will be soon. Amazing GF beer and NA to boot. Ordered four six packs and will be sharing with friends even though I want them all to myself

Freedom Cali Pale
Jake Byrne
Holy Monkey 💩! World Class NA.

Terrific. Caught myself looking down a few times to check ABV and ingredients.Then I would smile.
Nailed it.

Like Inspiration

Pretty good, reminds me of bud light lime! Will be great on a summer day!

Cerveza Chelada
John Kirk

Very crisp and refreshing. The salt notwithstanding, it has a very similar flavor profile to an English pub lime & lager.

Cerveza Chelada
Brandon Millett
Best Summer Beer

Ordered a 6 pack then noticed it said beta in it and it may not be permanent so....ordered 4 more just Incase. Not a fan of many lighter beers more of a porter and stout person and this is for sure the only summer NA I've found yet that actually has decent flavor and isn't just like golden water.

Best AF beer!

This and New School Sour are my favorites!! Lime and salt are perfect additions to this AF cerveza! It’s on my monthly subscription so please make it a permanent option!

This is no beta

Get this out of beta and into general release asap. Awesome fruity beer. Please still have this available next time I order!

Decent IPA

I was pleasantly surprised with this beer. Tastes like an IPA. Definitely a little lighter but this is the first n/a beer I have tried so I would guess that is normal. I would order this again for sure.

Freedom Cali Pale
David Tucker
Super good!

This has an amazing amount of flavor and may become one of my favorites... and I'm not even GF. I will definitely be re-ordering. Keep up the good work Go Brewing!!!

Vanilla Port
Rita Hammelman
Our new favorite

Every order we always try something new along with our current favorites. This is definitely our new favorite. Great tasting porter with vanilla! You’ll never miss the alcohol. We found Go Brewing during dry January and have never looked back. Hope this makes it to the regular rotation.

Cerveza Chelada
Authentic tasting

LOVE this N/A beer. I hope you keep it in the regular line up. Tastes like Very authentic mexican beer. I’m going to try the mock tail recipe Friday night. Can’t wait.

Amazing flavor

Most of the low alcohol brews I’ve had taste thin and watery. This is not that. This has great flavor and rich texture. Blindfolded I’m not sure I could tell the difference between this and a full alcohol IPA.

Absolutely a Release Candidate!

No doubt about the grapefruit in this one. Refreshing citrus taste with clean finish. Terrific summer brew.

Best NA hazy IPA

Have tried quite a few different NA IPAs and Hazy IPAs, this one on the best. Truest to a real hazy IPA, comes across with a refreshing citrus flavor.


Not only the best non alcoholic beer I've tried, one of the best beers period.

Grapefruit IPA
Julie VanPelt
You know how you can taste the NA? Not here

I'm much more of a hop fiend than sour but thought I'd give it a try with the IPA title. This is my favorite Go Brew yet and the bar was high.
I'm not going to tell you what you'll taste because every palate is unique. I will, however, tell you to buy this.

Irish Red
Larry Kemp
Best NA brew I have drank

I am a hardcore craft beer drinker who is trying to cut down on my alcohol consumption. This Irish red is helping me do just that. It is by far the best NA beer I have drank.

Prophets Hazy IPA
Solid IPA

I really enjoy this. I don't think you'd be able to tell it is non-alcoholic

Old School Sour Beers s amazing

This is one of the best sours I have ever tasted! Hard to believe it is non alcoholic. Definitely worth it!

Freedom Cali Pale
David Moerlein
Shockingly really good!

I've had Celiac for 15 years and cut alcohol for 5 months of Ironman training. I bought this with very low expectations, since it's hard enough to make a good gluten free beer, so I assumed the addition of non alcoholic would possibly make it undrinkable. But I was pleasantly really surprised. I plan to buy several more 6 packs soon!

Prophets Hazy IPA
Brandon Hanson
One of the best

This is in my top five of NA beers. The juicy notes are in perfect harmony with the hoip profile and the malt sweetness. Easily crushable and something I love to always have on hand. An amazing beer.

Lots a lime

Too strong of lime flavor and little hop flavor, more like a seltzer. Tried mixing with the pils but still the lime overpowered it.

Tropical sensation yummy

My husband absolutely loves this one and I do too! And I'm not even a huge IPA FAN.

Best sour ever!

I love sours but not all get it right. This is top notch, better than the real deal too. Thank you!