Brewdog vs. Go Brewing So what's the difference?

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Here are the basic differences



‣ Based out of the U.K.
‣ Brew mostly alcohol beers
‣ Wide variety of NA styles
‣ Uses microfermentation
‣ < .5% A.B.V.

Go Brewing NA Beer

Highlights 🥇🥈

‣ Best of Craft Beer Awards
‣ Gold & Silver Medal Winner
‣ Craft Non-alcoholic < .5% A.B.V.
‣ Dedicated to N.A. Beer only
‣ Full variety of styles
‣ Classic ingredients, small batch
‣ Crafted without Gluten N.A. style
‣ Crafted and canned in our brewery
200+ reviews 4.91 rating

More Variety. More Flavor.

Don't Get Bored

New styles added monthly.

We will always have new, fresh, non-alchoholic craft brews.

craft non-alcoholic brews

Made with classic ingredients.

All our brews are small batch and use classic ingredients. Proudly made in Illinois only non-alcoholic brewery. We use a propietary methodology to preserve the taste of the beer style you expect.

GO's mission is to produce the best craft non-alcoholic beers on the planet. We only brew no and low alcohol beers and have been focused on that path since day one. Please check out our current styles here.

Based on 757 reviews
What can I say, GF NA beer! Yay!

Wow, this beer has been such a great discovery. First I loved craft beer, then found out I had celiac, boo, most GF beers are hard to find, and not up to snuff. Now, cutting back on brews, but wanting something enjoyable, there were not NA and GF beers to be found. This is great, it is better than many regular GF beers. Bravo! This is now a staple in our house. Love it!

Prophets Hazy IPA
James "Matt" Ehlers

It's pretty tasty

Aother home run

Such a great beer. Not overly hoppy. Super refreshing.


Looking forward drinking it this summer! Very tasty

Savage Lite Brew
Sarka Miller
Light, crisp, delicious

My new favorite light beer! Really well done.

Very clean brew. Satisfying and delicious

All the brews I tried so far are amazing, but this one has the most satisfying taste if you’re looking for that deep beer flavor. It is nicely heavy but with no hoppy aftertaste that lingers.

Go Dry January Thrival Kit

Delicious non alcoholic beer !

Love this brew

Rich and delicious! This is the best dark brew I’ve had in a long time, I hope they bring it back!


Clean and refreshing! This is a perfect refreshing drink at the end of the day!

Not A Fan Of Citrusy Beers But...

This one is really nice, I enjoyed all the flavors it offered. Other citrusy beers I've tried were overly bitter or sour. I absolutely hate grapefruit with a passion but this was a nice change of pace. You get to taste the wheat and orange peel and they compliment each other well. It's smooth, flavorful and not bitter. It has just the right amount of each flavor to not make anything seem overpowering. My expectations were extremely low because I typically don't like citrus in beer but head on American wheat really impressed me. This is a great brew if not the best of it's kind. If I enjoyed it then I'm sure you will too.

Freedom: Crafted without Gluten
Donald Klingensmith
Great gluten free beer

I can only drink gluten free beer. This is my first try at alcohol free beer. I was surprised to find this beer to be better than any gluten free beer I have tried. I have joined the club so that I can have a steady supply of Cali Pale.

Best hazy NA I've tried!

I love hazy IPAs and have tried just about every NA hazy out there, but none of them quite hit the right combination of flavor and body. I've found most either get the flavor right, but are thin and watery, or they get the body right but are super bitter, with no hint of sweetness to balance the hops. This one strikes exactly the right balance and fulfills my hazy cravings!

Very good!

Love the Double IPA and will be ordering more! Quite tasty! My only comment is that it could be a tad "stronger" ( hard to put to words- maybe less "watery" or more creamy?) Also, maybe a skosh sweeter, but that could be me missing the alcohol- still 5 stars and my favorite NA IPA of any brands- Thank you GO!

Savage Lite Brew
Courtney A
Refreshing Lite Beer

Tasty and low-calorie beer option that would be perfect for after mowing the lawn or chilling at a summer BBQ. This beer didn't leave me feeling bloated or too full.

Incredible flavor for an NA beer

This beer was such a pleasant surprise. Great flavor, more complex than many alcoholic beers. My new favorite beer overall

Amazing!! 🤩

Please don’t ever stop making this beer, it’s the closest thing to an actual sour beer that I’ve had!

best non-alc WC IPA out there!!

I am an IPA aficionado but don’t always want the alcohol. Burn It Down is the best n/a IPA I’ve had!! Really manages to keep the flavors of a typical IPA.


I’ve been drinking the competition’s NA beer for a while now but a friend said to try Go Brewing. So I joined the club and ordered the Burn It Down IPA and this IIPA. The IPA was ok, and I was hoping this would be more hoppy and have that more viscous mouthfeel of a true double. Instead I found this to be less flavorful and strangely lighter than the regular IPA.

Go Brewing seems like they have got some good momentum, and I’m excited that there are new and interesting NA options appearing everyday. Unfortunately this beer doesn’t break free from the crowd.

Great Brew

This is the best N/A beer I have found to date … hands down. It’s a Hazy IPA. I’m done with alcohol and this is my favorite substitute period.

Oh my.

I have recently decided to stop drinking alcohol and have been dabbling in the NA world. Things sure have changed! This beer is the best I've tasted so far. Delicious and refreshing, not missing out on a thing!


Took a leap of faith to try it and it was amazing! Tastes like a real beer, exactly what I was looking

Easy 5!

I am a big beer fan and have been trying NA beers for years. Across the board they have improved with the technology, but I was particularly pleased and surprised by this beer. While I generally prefer hoppier and/or wheatier beers both the Sunbeam and low cal versions of these were GREAT! I'll be ordering a lot more.

Well Done!

Was out looking for a tasty no alcohol beverage and found it. I drink German Lagers and Pilsners primarily and this was a pleasant find. Well done!!!! It is now my go to for Non Alc’s!

Really delicious!

Great beer that's full of flavor. Pleasantly surprised by how it won hands down against all the other IPAs I have tried. Pumped to have solid beer options that don't have alcohol. Makes it way easier to stay dry and all the other benefits that come with that.

Trying no alcohol beer..

By far the best of the three beers I purchased. Great flavor. Much better than any of the sours I’ve tried in recent years.