Pouring a fresh Go brew



Only for Go Insiders

As promised, as a VIP/Insider, you get other benefits, including discounts at local and national stores, services, personal training, and more. Please feel free to contact these businesses directly and tell them you are a Go Brewing Insider to get your benefit.



Go Insiders get 15% off at Faherty in downtown Naperville, IL. Just bring in proof you’re an insider.

Mind Gym Bro


Go Insiders get a complimentary $250 session with Jim Brault, the creator. Hit the ground running with 42 days of Basic Training, then shift into high gear with dozens of additional Advanced Trainings in Sleep, Focus, Energy, Relationships, Confidence, Weight Loss, and Success.

Nutrition 361


Looking for a nutrition and fitness plan to start of 2023 right? Get a free consultation with coach and incredible nutritionist John Brooks, founder of Nutrition 361. Also receive 10% off of all services.

True Potential Running


GO Insiders may use the code RUNNAPERVILLE to receive 15% off at True Potential Running coaching program.