Beer Mile'ish Challenge

3 Easy Steps

Complete the Beer Mile'ish Challenge from home!

Drink a Go Brew

Grab your favorite beverage from Go Brewing and down it. Savor for a moment and move on to step 2.

Run 1/10th of a mile

Lace up those running shoes and put your all into just a tenth of a mile. You got this.

Enter Your Time

Use the stopwatch below to calculate your mile pace. Tell us how you did and get a discount code for some beers & merch!

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Enter your time on the stopwatch!

1/10th Mile

Thanks for participating in the Go Brewing Beer Mile'ish!

We'll send you an email for your discount code. Now tell your friends to complete the challenge too!

What is the Beer Mile'ish?

The traditional beer mile requires runners to chug 4 cans of beer and run a full mile. That's a little daunting. In the Go Brewing Beer Mile'ish runners down one refreshing, low-cal Go brew of their choice then run 1/10th of a mile. Our stopwatch above will do the rest to turn your pace into a full mile time.