Why did people stop drinking in September?

Why did people stop drinking in September?

We survey our customers after each purchase and have been doing so throughout 2023. This isn't some third-party guesswork; it's zero-party data straight from our customers, without relying on any analytics software.

Most months, the numbers are pretty damn consistent, making them quite predictable.

But September? That's a different story.

Before diving in, let's look at what our typical data reveals, based on responses from over 1,500 customers about why they chose our non-alcoholic brews:

  • 51% aim to cut back on alcohol.
  • 32% have quit drinking altogether.
  • 9% have medical reasons.
  • 8% are simply curious.

In September, however, something shifted. The number of people stating they'd quit drinking altogether jumped to 42%, marking a 35.5% increase.

Who drinks non-alcoholic beer

So, why the shift?

Is this the aftermath of one wild summer? A prelude to Sober October? Or does it signal a broader change in drinking culture?

We're eager to hear your thoughts.


PS: Later this week I'll reveal three no BS tips that keep my mind in check when it comes to creating and eliminating habits. Sign up for the DL.

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