Here’s the unexpected thing about not drinking for 100 days

Here’s the unexpected thing about not drinking for 100 days

When I started Go Brewing, a non-alcoholic—or NA—brewery, quitting drinking wasn't the endgame. Actually, NA beer was my strategy to reduce the alcohol, not eliminate it.

But here I am, 105 days sober.

I won't bore you with a side-by-side comparison of me then and me now, but let's just say there was one glaringly obvious change. Before I get into that, it's worth mentioning I was already on a healthier path when this 100+ day ride kicked off, thanks to cutting back on the booze.

So, what was this big shift? Around the 60-day mark, it hit me.

I was just... happier.


Cracking jokes and letting things roll off my back, kind of like how I was before alcohol ever entered the equation.

I realized I'd been emotionally stagnant without even knowing it. This got me questioning the role alcohol played in my mood. Turns out, it's not just anecdotal; research backs it up. Alcohol messes with your dopamine levels, and the more you drink, the higher your dopamine set-point climbs. In my case, let's just say that set-point was way out of line. Years of habitual drinking had rewired my brain, making me rely on booze just to feel baseline normal.

That explained why, come late afternoon, I was craving that pick-me-up. Screw the hangover or tomorrow; I wanted that immediate hit.

The first ten days on this journey were rough; I felt bloated and irritable. But as time rolled on, my dopamine levels stabilized.

Now, instead of craving a drink, I just "remember tomorrow," understanding that my mental and emotional baseline is gradually improving.

Will I drink again? Maybe, but it’ll be an intentional decision, not a compulsion.

And when I get that craving?

Well, I have an arsenal of the best NA beer on the planet at my disposal. Not a bad safety net.

🍻 JC

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