Master Brewer Handpicked Favorites - 12 pack

Master Brewer Handpicked Favorites - 12 pack
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What to Know About Go

Talking points

  • Opened Jan 2023
  • Clean, classic ingredients
  • Small batch recipes crafted in-house
  • Won best of Craft Beer Awards March 2023 for two of our beers (Sunbeam Pils + Sunshine State Hazy IPA)
  • All of our beers are naturally low in calories (between 30-100) and low in carbs (between 8-19). Each of our beers have nutritional facts listed on the website.

Why Go Brewing?

From the Founder

I started drinking as a teen. Some weeks I’d have one drink. Others, I’d have six or seven in a night.  But I never thought I had a problem. And till I was in my 40s, it was just one of those things. Then COVID hit. 

My wife, Heather, and I started consuming even more booze, made poor decisions at mealtime and developed other unhealthy habits. (But hey, show me anyone who didn’t develop a vice at the start of the pandemic, even if it was just baking more bread than they could eat). After a while, the scale and my annual blood work told me something had to give.

One day, while nursing our hangovers, we made a pact to stop drinking for 75 days. And it was hard at first. But week after week, my cravings for alcohol started to subside. But some nights, I still just wanted a beer. I needed something to satisfy that craving but help me stay on the path.

That’s when I turned to non-alcoholic beer, which did just that. As the world started to open back up, Heather and I found it challenging to stick to our new habits when almost everywhere we went, it was all about alcohol. We loved the ambiance of bars and breweries but didn’t have a lot of options if we didn’t actually want the alcohol!

That’s when the idea of Go Brewing emerged. What if we could produce a non-alcohol and low-alcohol beer without the negative side effects AND have a tap room with great music and entertainment?

Less than 18 months later, we formed an incredible founding team, made hundreds of recipes working with the best brewers and beer-quality consultants in the business. And now, we’ve opening our doors (online and our taproom) for business.

Videos for Inspiration

Check out these short vids for more info about Go Brewing!


Runtime < 1 min

We had our first event activation at the Chicago Bank of America Half Marathon where we gathered some testimonials and partnered with a local charity.

Medial Reel

Runtime < 1 min

Go Brewing is making a name in the NA market with quality brews. Check out our media reel.

Head Brewer James

Runtime < 3 min

A little about the processes that allow Go Brewing to make classic flavored brews without the alcohol content.