Exploring the Nutritional Facts of Go Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beers

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Exploring the Nutritional Facts of Go Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beers

Go Brewing is dedicated to creating non-alcoholic beers that delight both the taste buds and support a health-conscious lifestyle. Transparency is key to our operation, which is why we offer detailed nutritional information on our diverse beer selection. Here’s a more accurate overview of our beer’s nutritional content:

Our beers feature a broad range of nutritional values:

  • Calories: Our beers' calorie count spans from as low as 30 to 102 calories per serving, accommodating a variety of dietary preferences.
  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates in our beers range from 9 to 23 grams, catering to different dietary needs.
  • Protein: Consistently offering 1 gram of protein across our selection.
  • Fat: With a fat content ranging from 0 to 1.5 grams, our beers are a lighter option for those mindful of fat intake.
  • Sugar: Sugar levels in our beers vary, from 0.4 grams in our less fruity options to 16.7 grams in our fruit-infused beers.
  • Gluten: For those with dietary restrictions, we offer beers with less than 5 PPM of gluten, adhering to FDA guidelines for gluten sensitivity.

100% Pasteurization for Safety and Quality
At Go Brewing, we believe in the importance of pasteurizing 100% of our products. This process is crucial for ensuring the safety and maintaining the quality of our products. Through pasteurization, we can prevent pathogen growth and refermentation, allowing us to preserve the original taste and consistency of our beers without compromise. Here's an article we wrote on the risk associated with not pasteurizing non-alcoholic beer

Detailed Nutritional Information
We offer detailed breakdowns of the nutritional content for each of our beers, based on third-party laboratory testing. This commitment to transparency and quality ensures our customers can enjoy our beers, knowing they fit well within a health-conscious lifestyle. Below is a table with the nutritional information:

Brew Name ABV (%) Cals Carbs (g) Fat (g) Sugar (g) Gluten (PPM) IBU's Lab Testing Potential Allergens/Notes
Sunshine State Tropical IPA 0.3 102 23 1.5 16.7 19 40 Certified, 3rd party Lactose (milk), wheat (gluten)
Not Just Another Story DIPA 0.48 57 17 0.7 0.5 16 57 Certified, 3rd party Wheat (gluten)
Suspended In A Sunbeam Pils 0.46 43 9 1.4 0.4 <5 10 Certified, 3rd party Wheat (gluten)
New School Sour Berry 0.44 61 15 1.4 3.2 12 6 Certified, 3rd party Wheat (gluten)
Freedom: Cali Pale w/o gluten 0.21 45 16 0.3 0.5 <5 40 Certified, 3rd party No gluten ingredients
Burn it Down IPA 0.41 56 8.5 NA NA NA 30 Certified, 3rd party Wheat (gluten)
Savage Lite Brew 0.38 47 9 NA NA NA 4 Internal Lab Wheat (gluten)
Head On American Wheat 0.46 30 10 NA NA NA 0 Internal Lab Wheat (gluten)
Jab Jab Grapefruit IPA 0.37 86 19 NA NA N/A 45 Internal Lab Wheat (gluten)
Prophets IPA 0.42 72 12 NA NA NA 23 Internal Lab Lactose (milk), wheat (gluten)
Freedom: Amber Ale w/o gluten 0.21 76 12 NA NA <5 25 Internal Lab
No gluten ingredients, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine

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