Black & Tan Mixed Pack

Black & Tan Mixed Pack
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6-pack, 12oz cans

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Mixed Pack Includes: 3 Irish Reds & 3 Dark Ports to make your own black & tan at home!

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Dark Port: Water, barley, hops, yeast. Irish Red: Water, barley, hops, yeast.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Noble

Tasted separately, I liked both brews but preferred the Porter to the Irish Red Ale. However, the combination is better by far than the sum of the parts! Together or separately, these are definitely “keepers”!!
That being said, I’m no better at layering the NA brews than I was with the “real thing”.

Jason Buckholtz
Excellent beverage

This was by far the best St.Paddy’s day beverage enjoyed the full 6 pack I hope they have some left when I head over next week

Kevin Grant
Black and Tan adventures

Made two nice Black and Tans and drank both. Second one came out better. Thank you for the instructions.

Ryan Mulcahy
Perfect to Sponsor an Irish Hurling Team

Contact me Ryan Mulcahy
Wolfe Tones Hurling Club.

Marjorie Kukor
Didn't meet expectations

I was looking forward to the Black and Tan mixed pack as I love stouts, porters and such. My experience with other Go Brewing "beers" (such as the hazy IPA) was wonderful - good flavor and body, so I was anticipating something similar. I found this duo to be okay, but weaker in flavor and not as robust as I had anticipated. I'd love the porter to have more oomph. It is a drinkable brew, just not what I was hoping for, and I think there are other better beers to try from them.